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You can do it with Peerpep!

Whether you are an employer who wants to create a more connected workspace, or a user who wants to score great discounts while you exercise, Peerpep is for everyone.

Why PeerPep?

Teambuilding usually doesn't happen in one day, even if you organize the best outing ever. When you work on team building all year round, you do it sustainably. With PeerPep everyone can participate from the workplace or from home, but always as a team with equal members. If you achieve a goal and have fun together , it no longer matters whether you are the manager, secretary or sales employee.

PeerPep supports you as an employer!

Peerpep can support you as an employer by thinking about and preparing (together with you) Team Efforts in the app. We can also help you with finding appropriate rewards.

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Want to get moving and get a discount?

A certain number of steps will get you a nice discount on this business' products. And the best part is, the business will sponsor you!

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Download the PeerPep app and start stepping!

Download the PeerPep app. Click on this business' challenge. Get stepping!