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Keep the community engaged

A positive customer experience is all about trust, communication, and collaboration. Sustainable community building ensures that the customer experience remains vibrant. By regularly organizing informal activities, customers are encouraged to stay in touch with each other and strengthen their relationship with the environment.

How does it work?

People can form teams themselves and learn more about your environment. These teams have the goal of locating and scanning hidden QR codes. This can be done collectively or individually, in between their daily activities. In this way, they literally experience the environment. Our QR codes can be strategically placed in locations you want to highlight. This encourages people to discover specific places, such as landmarks, popular dining spots, or stores within your environment.

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Smart Collaboration

To locate these QR codes, they must first solve questions. With each correct answer, the team receives a hint that brings them closer to the next QR code. The nature of the questions also influences the perception participants have of your services. This is not only an opportunity to connect but also to learn from each other. Customers gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of the organization, which in turn fosters a stronger connection with the organization.

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What does it yield?

When all the QR codes have been scanned, the participants as a team not only have a shared experience. Participation creates a deeper engagement with your organization and more knowledge about your services.

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